You will need

• A video camera (a laptop, a tablet, a mobile phone, etc.)
• A headset with a microphone
• A quiet spot
• Lighting
• Great mood!

How to prepare yourself

• Download and print out the notes
• Choose a video record fitting your voice timbre
• Before the filming, make sure you are clearly visible
• Make sure the room is quiet, all noisy appliances have been turned off
• Get the headset and the microphone ready
• Prior to playing the video and starting the recording, make yourself comfortable
• Put the headphones on, start filming yourself and playing the video record
• Sing in accordance with conducting

Where and how should you post the video and sound records
(until 31 May 2018)

• Go to
• Enter recipient’s e-mail:
• Upload your video and sound record
• In the comment field, write your name, surname and voice type
• Post

Sound tracks of individual vocal parts

Video of „Tautiška giesmė“ (links)

Ensemble + notes