Juozas Gudavičius KUR GIRIA ŽALIUOJA (2016)
Vincas Kudrika THE NATIONAL ANTHEM (2018)
Vaclovas Augustinas SANCTUS (2018)

On 17 June 2016, the first premiere of Lithuanian virtual choir took place. 100 singers participated in this project: 93 performers from Lithuania, 6 singers from the USA and 1 singer from Spain. All these singers sang the same song „Kur giria žaliuoja“ (Forest Greenery Around) created by the composer Juozas Gudavičius. This virtual choir performance was accompanied by live improvisation of an instrumental ensemble.
The premiere of the project "Virtual Choir. Lithuania [Vol. 2]" took place in 2018 September 3 in LMTA Central building inner courtyard.
A virtual choir is an audiovisual record created using computer programmes, when videos of individual singer performances are combined into one single performance of a choir.
The first performance of a virtual choir took place in 2010. Then, the American composer Eric Whitacre brought together individual singers from different countries to sing together for the first time in the world’s history. Since then, four such projects have been implemented.