Today, artists want to be unique and innovative. Choral art is no exception. It became important not only to sing well, but also the environment, the image and atmosphere of the conductor and choristers. One of these original forms of expression is the virtual choir Lux Arumque, which appeared in 2009 and was sung by 185 people. The inventor of virtual choir, American composer Eric Whitacre, describes it as a universal phenomenon created by the choir singers themselves, which brings together people from all over the world who love music and are able to look at choral singing in a modern way.

In 2020, in the face of a raging pandemic, we created a new virtual CHOIR of CHOIRS "Vakar ir visados" (Yesterday and Always). 152 singers from 16 Lithuanian choirs sang in the virtual space, who recorded Gintautas Venislovas' composition in the words of Marcelijus Martinaitis. G. Venislovas created a new arrangement especially for this project.

Choir of choirs "Vakar ir visados" (Yesterday and always)

Composer Gintautas Venislovas
The author of the text is Marcelijus Martinaitis
Chormeister Linas Balandis
Video director Karolina Sinkevičiūtė
Sound director Paulius Ramonas
Final sound director Artūras Pugačiauskas
Coordinator Ingrida Alonderė
Coordinator Kristijonas Bartoševičius
Programmer Antanas Rudaitis
Virtual school MuMok

Singers from the following choirs participated in the project: Šiauliai State Chamber Choir "Polifonija", Boys' and Youth Choir "Ąžuoliukas", Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater Mixed Choir, Chamber Choir "Brevis", Vilnius City Municipality Choir "Jauna muzika", General Jonas Zemaitis Lithuanian Military Academy Choir "Kariūnas", Vytautas Magnus University Academic Mixed Choir "Vivere cantus", Kaunas Juozas Gruodis Conservatory Mixed Choir, Kaunas Mixed Choir "Saluto", Children's Choir "Ugnelė", Vilnius Jesuit Gymnasium Choir "Krantas", Radviliškis Music School Choir "Saulės vaikai" , Ensemble "Draugiški projektai", Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior women's ensemble, Vocal ensemble "B2", Elektrėnai KC vocal women's ensemble "Eldija".